Crazy 4 method all-in captured on Twitch


We’ve all had at least one bonkers multi-way all-in hand we constantly raise in discussion (this one is mine) however hardly ever do we get to catch it on Twitch. Fortunately partypoker professional Matt Staples streams all his video games so we got to see his.

Matt covered among 3 other gamers in the hand of a $109 bounty and was taking a look at Aces. As he states in the video that is the dream area, he might win $198 in bounties and acquire a ludicrous chip lead.

He definitely was amazed when he saw what he was up versus …

Yep, that is AA vs AA vs KK vs KK.

You need to offer it to his challenger ‘NoTengoMiedob4’ who was last to show KK. The majority of gamers would snap call here however he really considered it. Much so that our buddy Dara O’Kearney made a video on whether the KK is a call here:

Staples doubled up in the hand yet scooped no bounties despite having in spite of winner with Aces, which is pretty crazyQuite Thank paradises for Twitch for catching it.

What is your craziest pre flop all-in hand? Let us understand in the remarks:

Barry Carter

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