Patrik Antonius releases brand-new shot clock for live competitions


The video game has actually come a long method in the regard that not too long ago shot clocks looked like a trend and now they are traditional. Are they fast enough? With the majority of them being simply a flat 30 seconds per choice.

Patrik Antonius has actually established a brand-new shot clock that is being showcased this weekend at the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge in Tallinn this weekend.

The brand-new clock is 10 seconds preflop, 20 seconds if there is a preflop 3-bet and 20 seconds on the flop, turn and river. They likewise have 15 timebanks each of 20 seconds, which is far more than the typical 5 you get in many MTTs.

The primary function of the clock is to stop stalling and develop a quick playing rhythm. 10 seconds may not appear much however there is a sound reasoning to it, at this moment in the video game the majority of people understand their preflop opening and flatting/3-betting varieties immediately. As Patrik recommends it is the post flop and 3-bet choices that take the most time, which is why the extra timebanks remain in usage.

The early reaction appears to be rather favorable and if you wish to see the shot clock in action, the PAPC is being live streamed this weekend.

Is this the correct amount of time for live poker? Let us understand in the remarks:

Barry Carter

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